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Drive customers to your dealership with CSSR 3.0 — the complete suite of proven marketing solutions for GM dealers. Timely sales, service and loyalty offers are communicated to your customers during their ownership lifecycle. Explore the GM Programs below and find out how easy it is to enroll and expand your dealership’s direct mail, email and digital marketing reach.



Customer Sales and Service Retention (CSSR) is a dynamic lifecycle customer retention program, one of the Essential Brand Elements (EBE) required by dealers to qualify for GM EBE benefits. CSSR is based on a simple concept: Right Message, Right Customer, Right Time. The program leverages best-in-class practices and tailors them to your dealership’s unique needs.

Using a multi-channeled approach as well as “smart logic,” this complete schedule promotes your dealership as the go-to place for all of your customers’ needs and future vehicle purchases. CSSR makes the important connections to help your team build relationships that create loyalty and translate into long-term success.

The CSSR core program reaches out to your customers soon after they have taken delivery of their vehicle and continues timed contacts, based on individual activity, for the first seven years of ownership. You also have the option to “Plus-Up” your communication schedule to extend beyond the seven-year ownership base.

CSSR utilizes GM data that reflects driving activity, as well as individual service activity from your dealership, to tell us the best time to reach customers with specific messaging and relevant offers. OnStar® Vehicle Diagnostics (OVD) data, as well as service habits and any available individual data, are factors in targeting communications.

CSSR Benefits

Along with EBE benefits, your dealership will realize the many valuable rewards of CSSR, including:

  • Divisional, Certified Service and Dealership branding
  • Private Offer messaging within Sales communications (when applicable)
  • Sales/Event/Vehicle Launch reinforcement messaging
  • Customer segmentation for highly targeted public and private offers
  • Detailed reports track your results, accessible online 24 hours a day
  • iMR match-eligible Plus-Up options that extend and add power to your core communications
  • Easy enrollment and program team support
  • Consistent and regular communications with your customers
  • Integration with key sales and service drivers:
    • OnStar®
    • GM Card
    • GM Accessories
    • Playbook data and filters
    • Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC Protection Plan
    • My GM Rewards Loyalty
  • “Always On” Dealer Portal for reporting, enrollment and program resources
Extended CSSR

Extended CSSR

The CSSR program sends scheduled communications to your customers for the first seven years. But the older a vehicle gets, the more service and maintenance it is likely to need. You have the option to continue service messaging to customers in their 8+ years of ownership through Extended CSSR.

Servicing Owner Program (for 8+ vehicles): This option allows you to start marketing to customers (8+ years) who come in for service, but are not currently assigned to your dealership for service communications. Customers will be considered Servicing Owner VINs and receive regular maintenance reminders, emails and mailers promoting your dealership.

Quick Strike

Quick Strike

Quick Strike is an on-demand, single-order direct mail program. Sales, service, recall, service clinic and many other pre-designed templates are available in a wide variety of formats from jumbo postcard to coupon pop-out cards. Each mailer features a strong call-to-action and messaging consistent with national campaigns. All templates are customizable and designed to drive traffic to your showroom floor.

Program Features/Benefits:

  • On-demand, fast turnaround direct mail
  • Integration with your DMS to target current and inactive customers
  • Access to the best data to reach new prospects
  • List selection tool includes Playbook filters to help reach the right audience at the right time
  • Online reporting dashboard with detailed data exportable to Excel
  • No contracts, easy enrollment and minimal set-up fees

Template Features:

  • Dynamic, eye-catching design with highly recognizable GM look and feel
  • Consistent Certified Service and GM divisional branding
  • Large image library to choose from — or provide your own custom images
  • Ability to enter your dealership’s sales and service offers and incentives
  • Personalized dealership information: Dealership name, address, slogan, hours of operation, contact number, credit cards accepted, logo, map, facility image

Can I create a unique mailer instead of using a template?

  • Yes, our team is available to work with you on a custom design. Contact PHQ to get started.

Can I use my iMR Funds?

  • This program is eligible for up to 100% reimbursement through iMR and can be automatically reimbursed through LAM Sales iMR accounts for participating dealers. Program eligible for match funds.


eStrike is a self-service web-to-email tool that offers dealerships the ability to execute their own email campaigns. This monthly subscription, unlimited volume, rapid turnaround email program includes strong call-to-action messaging with a look and feel that is consistent with national campaigns. Effective as a stand-alone, eStrike email promotions can also be combined with Quick Strike direct mail to improve response rate.

Program Features/Benefits:

  • Easy-to-build email campaigns in as little as 5 easy steps
  • No HTML or email design expertise required
  • Unlimited sends per month — Limit one email, per recipient, per 24-hour period to limit unsubscribes
  • Emails can be sent immediately or scheduled for future deployment
  • Integration with DMS to select and filter recipients
  • Custom audience list upload
  • Detailed performance data and downloadable reports
  • Access to your customer list at www.gmlam.com under the Direct Marketing Ad Builder section
  • No set-up fee. No long term contract — cancel with 30-day notice after initial 90-day commitment

Template Features:

  • Turnkey templates allow dealers to quickly respond to conditions in their local markets or schedule email campaigns that coincide with planned sales or service events
  • High-impact, divisionally branded creative
  • Asset libraries with banner images, subject lines, pre-header texts, jelly beans and service coupons make the build quick and easy
  • Dealer customization includes: Dealership name, address, phone, hours of operation, website, logo

Can recipients view the email on their mobile device?

  • Yes, eStrike templates are responsive web designed meaning that the creative will display correctly no matter which device they use.

What is available for CPO and Used vehicles?

  • Promote your inventory with walk-around videos and custom landing pages, driving clicks and engagement. CPO/Used integration is included with eStrike enrollment. Simply provide your Image and Data provider and our team of experts will set up the feed. After setup, select a CPO/Used offer type and type in the VIN. The vehicle information will be pulled into the email and a custom landing page will be created. Landing pages and videos are ready to go immediately.

Can I use my own images and subject lines?

  • Yes, contact Program Headquarters to get the specs and submit your own custom creative.

Can I use my iMR funds?

  • This program is eligible for up to 100% reimbursement through iMR and can be automatically reimbursed through LAM Sales iMR accounts for participating dealers. Program eligible for match funds.
National Retail Plan & Car Care

National Retail Plan & Car Care

Enrolling in the National Retail Plan (NRP) allows dealers to communicate their service pricing and CCAfunded promotions through many direct mail/email and digital channels including but not limited to dealer websites, CSSR, and menu boards. This program is a part of PASE conformance. Car Care targets lost customers using NRP and dealer selected offers through direct mail and email, and optional enrollments including OLA (online banners ads) and video landing pages.

National Retail Plan Background & Benefits

    Along with PASE benefits, your dealership will realize the many valuable rewards of National Retail Plan, including:
  • CCA-funded rebates on products such as tires, oil, brakes, and more
  • Automatic integration of offers onto your dealer website, digital menu board, online service scheduling, and more as well as inclusion in dealer enrolled programs such as CSSR and Car Care for a cohesive and consistent message to the customer
  • Dealer Maintenance Pricing to ensure you are advertising the price you want
  • Easy enrollment and support through Program Headquarters

Car Care Background & Benefits

    Your dealership can help strengthen the power of the Dealer Maintenance Pricing found in the National Retail Plan by enrolling in the Car Care Direct Marketing Program. The program targets service and sales VINs 4 to 14 years old from both GM Data and Dealer DMS data (if available) within 100 miles of dealership. Data modeling is used to identify customers closest to your dealership with the highest propensity to schedule service, so your dealership may communicate with the customers most likely to respond. Customer information is also de-duped by VIN and household to achieve one mail piece per household.

The Car Care Direct Marketing Program targets the following customers:

  • Customers not receiving any CSSR Communications from your dealership
  • CSSR customers with vehicles that are 4-14 years old and only receiving Seasonal CSSR communications but who are NOT scheduled to receive any CSSR communication during current mail promotion period (e.g. Promotion 5 will target Q4 empty period customers)
  • VIN must have presence of an RO within the past 36 months
SmartTouch 2.0

SmartTouch 2.0

Enhance your opportunities with Non-GM Customers with our SmartTouch 2.0 Service Program that’s 100% iMR REIMBURSABLE! The ST 2.0 service cadence will reach and inspire your in-market Non-GM Customers with consistent and relevant service messages. ST 2.0 is proven to build loyalty and retain those customers throughout their vehicle lifecycle.

Program Features/Benefits:

  • 100% iMR Reimbursable (Parts or Sales iMR)
  • No monthly fees or initial set-up fee (for GM CSSR Enrolled Dealers)
  • Dealerized and Customer Personalized Direct Mail and Email communications
    • Provides your dealership’s service hours, contact information, conveniences you offer and dealership logo
    • Customer vehicle information and coupon offers that are relevant to their needs based on where their vehicle is in the service lifecycle
  • Detailed response and RO Reporting
  • No long-term contract or penalties for cancelling
Business Elite Advantage

Business Elite Advantage

Business Elite Advantage, the small business sales prospecting program, drives small business owners to Chevrolet or GMC Business Elite dealerships. The direct marketing program sends customized mailers — plus email — four times a year to small business owners. Communications feature business program details, product information and the latest incentives — including those for specially equipped vehicles.

Program Features/Benefits:

  • Effective Mailers — help educate businesses about the advantages of purchasing from your Chevrolet or GMC Business Elite dealership
  • Custom Messaging — pick a test-drive message, generic retail message or write-your-own
  • Targeted Mailing Lists — include businesses in your area (owner and conquest) that have high potential for purchasing new vehicles
  • No-charge Value Add — email to owner audience at no additional cost
  • Dealership Personalization — includes your name, slogan, offer message, address, hours, map, logo, website and contact number
  • Turnkey Management — set it and forget it!
  • Up to 150% Reimbursable — ability to use both iMR sales funds (100%) and commercial co-op funds (50%)
  • Online Manifest Reports — posted on GlobalConnect provide measurable results allowing you to follow up with prospects

*In order to enroll in this program, you must be a GM Business Elite dealer.

Dealer Advantage

Dealer Advantage

New vehicle prospects direct mail program sent to drive GM owners, former owners, conquests and GM leads to your dealership’s door.

This direct mail program gives you the edge in retaining previous buyers and obtaining new ones. Sent six times a year at regularly scheduled intervals to GM vehicle owners and current non-GM owners likely to purchase. Creative features vehicle images that correspond to the division your customers are currently driving and the mailers feature the most current GM incentive programs. Dealer Advantage gives you complete customer sales and service coverage.

Program Features/Benefits:

  • Online manifest reports: Follow up with prospects and maximize sales — these reports include Federal Do-Not-Call processing
  • Mailing lists: Access to updated mailing lists from management sources and customer delivery records helps generate the best owner/conquest data for highly targeted mailings.
  • Administration: Little or no administration is required
  • Reporting: Online data collection and reporting provides measurable results that are always a click away

Dealer Advantage Mailers Include:

  • Dealer customization: Mailers include space for dealership name, slogan, address, hours, logo, map, number, website, message and offer
  • Individual names and addresses of recipients: Greater personalization, as opposed to generic “current resident” labeling

Can I use my iMR funds?

  • This program is eligible for up to 100% reimbursement through iMR and can be automatically reimbursed through LAM Sales iMR accounts for participating dealers. Program eligible for match funds
Sales Touch

Sales Touch

Sales Touch is the primary communication tool to promote monthly sales offers and ancillary messages to current GM owners, winbacks and conquests across Chevy, Cadillac, Buick and GMC. Integrated with CSSR, it offers a unique, turnkey solution that can be customized to your dealership’s needs.

Sales Touch leverages sophisticated modeling – including Playbook – to ensure your dealership is targeting customers who are most in market. Branded communications are tailored to your dealership and reach customers through multi-channel integration. These include:

  • Highly targeted direct mail, based on segmented versioning
  • Email directing customers to your dealership website for a one-of-a-kind video experience
  • Targeted OLA reaching your mailed customers across thousands of unique websites

3.0 Features/Benefits

The evolution of Sales Touch 3.0 takes the program to the next level. Enhancements include:

  • “Always on”: Continuous in-market communications with refreshed monthly offers
  • Smarter data: Advanced modeling with improved list targeting
  • Greater efficiency: Streamlined processes helped reduce quantities while maintaining sales
  • Improved personalization: With approximately 50 versions of DM and EM, customers receive a more tailored communication
  • Email in market sooner: Email deploys earlier so your message is in-market longer
    (Applies to Buick, GMC and Cadillac.)

Program Achievements

Compared to 2.0, Sales Touch 3.0 has achieved:

  • 30% more efficiency; delivering savings by reducing quantities
  • 27% increase in buy rate
  • 20% increase in ROI (Sales Touch ROI: 152%)
    Source: The reinvention of CSSR, Sales Touch Summary. Prepared by TTEC. June 9, 2020.
  • Participating Plus-Up dealers saw a 44% increase in sales
    May-October 2019 vs. May, July and October 2018.

Enrollment Info:

Put the power of Sales Touch 3.0 to work for you! Plus, ask how you can expand your reach to include even MORE of your in-market customers through the Sales Plus-Up Program. For more information, contact your Program HQ representative. To see a sample of the Enrollment Form, go to the Resources tab.

Creative Samples

Smarter, more targeted communications: Sales Touch uses an integrated approach to ensure that a consistent message is delivered throughout Direct Mail, Email, Online Advertising and the Video Landing Page.

  • Direct mail uses the popular trifold format. The piece showcases vehicles and monthly offers — specific to your audience — in dynamic 4-color digital processing.
  • Mobile-friendly email uses a modular format to include relevant offers and brand messages for the month.
  • OLA focuses on a singular, hero offer.
  • The landing page highlights the offer from the OLA, pairing it with a video of the relevant vehicle.

For more information, contact your Program HQ representative.